Drive change by writing structured proposal documents

July 2021

In any collaborative environment, opportunities for change often arise. When such an opportunity presents itself, write up a structured proposal document describing how to tackle this opportunity. With this document, a decision on whether or not to implement the proposal can be made quickly and confidently. Read more

Budget for replacing past purchases

June 2021

One way in which budgeting reduces financial anxiety is by predicting expenses based on the expected lifetime of a purchase. Read more

Horizontally-scrolling multi-column layout: a retrospective

June 2021

On wide screens, a column of text often needs a considerable amount of whitespace to the left and to the right. I experimented with CSS’ multi-column layout to use screen real estate more efficiently. While I ended up quite liking the aesthetic, usability problems and spotty browser support make this unfortunately an impractical approach. Read more

Using Lenses to build complex React forms in a type-safe way

November 2020

Lenses enable building complex forms quickly and with confidence. Lenses themselves are simple, but they provide significant benefits when used with React forms with TypeScript, reducing the change of mistakes and speeding up the feedback loop. Read more