My plaintext logging approach

Note last edited April 2022


2022-03-08 Tuesday
  o Holiday

2022-03-07 Sunday
  o Vacation


2022-03-06 Sunday
  • Publish week­notes

2022-03-05 Saturday
  x Draft week­notes
  - That C tweet sure went viral
  • Groceries

2022-03-04 Friday
  o Vacation
  - Made giant batch of pasta sauce
  > Groceries


Each entry is quite short. More in-depth writing goes into my notebook, for which I use Bear.

Weeks are separated by ---.

Months are separated by a longer set of dashes. Maybe about 40? It doesn’t matter.

Past months are moved into a separate text file. This way, everything I need is in one text file, and past notes are out of mind and out of sight.



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Note last edited April 2022.