Cities: Skylines: What I’d like to have

Note last edited December 2021

Cities: Skylines is a wonderful game, as evidenced by the many dozens of hours I’ve spent in it. That amount of game time has also made me discover some of its limitations, which I’m describing in this note.

This is not for any specific purpose; just braindumping.

Station layout

The game comes with a handful of station assets (train and metro) which are not usable in all cases. There are DLC packs which provide extra station assets, but their connection directions are still predefined and not modifiable, which limits their usefulness.

One assets I’m missing in particular is a stacked underground station layout (Turmbahnhof in German) which greatly facilitates changing underground lines. Examples in Berlin include the U8 – U9 exchange at U Osloer Straße and U6 – U9 at U Leopoldplatz. These are tough to replicable in the game, and would need custom assets.

Many real-world stations are custom-designed/built to fit the needs of the situation. In the game, you only have pre-built assets. Transport Fever 2 has modular stations, but they’re also not as flexible (no Turmbahnhof possible, for instance).

To elaborate: Configurable depth of underground tunnels.

Note last edited December 2021.