These are tools that I use on a regular basis. I’ve left out common tools (Git, macOS, Docker, …).

Desktop apps

Alfred (macOS; productivity app) gives me the power to do all the things I want, right when I need them, without introducing clutter. I have a handful of custom workflows tuned for the way I work, which I imagine impresses my coworkers.

OmniGraffle (macOS) is the best diagramming tool I know of. It isn’t cheap, but I find the $100 price tag to be worth it. I use it to impress my coworkers.

I use Scapple to bring order to my thoughts. There’s some overlap with OmniGraffle.

For writing, I use

Rectangle (macOS) is my window manager of choice. It replaced Spectacle which is no longer updated.

Visual Studio Code (cross-platform) is my editor of choice. I switched from Atom, which by itself is already an amazing piece of software, to Visual Studio Code, which is at the same level of awesomeness.

Bear is my note-taking app of choice. It’s my repository of knowledge, and I write my week­notes in them too.

NetNewsWire is my RSS reader.

iWriter Pro is my text editor of choice. It’s nicely distraction free.

I use Beat for writing screenplays.


Fastmail provides excellent email, but also web hosting and DNS management. (I have a referral link for 10% off.)

YNAB is my budgeting tool of choice. My financial anxiety would be immeasurably higher without it. (I have a referral link for 1 month free.)

I use 1Password as my password manager.


My favorite monospaced (code) font is Iosevka.

The serif fonts I like most are Valkyrie (which I use on my web site) and Charter.

I’ve recently began to like Courier in the form of Courier Prime.

CLI tools

fish shell is a fast, easy-to-use shell that has sensible defaults. I have barely customised it.

ripgrep is my command-line grep alternative of choice.

xsv is a must-have tool if you deal with CSV files. I think CSV is a pretty good format!

Note last edited November 2023.