This is the web site of Denis Defreyne, a software engineer living in Berlin.


This page collects the tools that I use on a daily basis. I’ve left out common tools (Git, macOS, Docker, …) to highlight lesser-known things.

Desktop apps

Alfred (productivity app)
Alfred gives me the power to do all the things I want, right when I need them, without introducing clutter. I have a handful of custom workflows tuned for the way I work, which I imagine impresses my coworkers.
OmniGraffle (diagramming and drawing app)
It isn’t cheap, but I find the $100 price tag to be worth it. I use it to impress my coworkers.
Spectacle (window management app)
This is how I keep my windows nicely tiled.
Visual Studio Code (code editor)
I switched from Atom, which by itself is already an amazing piece of software, to Visual Studio Code, which is at the same level of awesomenes.


It’s pretty.
It’s pretty, and has ligatures.

CLI tools

A fast, easy-to-use shell that has sensible defaults. I have barely customised it.
A fast search tool, similar to grep, ack. and ag.
A must-have tool if you deal with CSV files.

Ruby gems

Provides efficient immutable data structures (sometimes more efficient than built-in Ruby ones).
m (selective Test::Unit runner)
Useful when you want to only run specific Test::Unit test cases.
Provides a soft ref implementation, which is indispensable for effective memoization.
I feel lost without it.
Indispensable when writing Ruby code. It pretty much eliminates all discussions about style.