Sourdough bread


To prepare:

  1. Autolyse: Combine AP flour, whole-wheat flour, and water (350g). Cover and let it rest for ~1h.
  2. Add starter and salt. Combine. Let rest for ~15min.
  3. Fold, form boule, and cover.
  4. Until ready for shaping (2–6h, until properly risen): Do a fold every 20–25min.
  5. Flour banneton (with rice flour) and work area. Shape dough. Place in banneton and cover. Wait until finger poke test almost passes.
  6. Preheat oven (230°C).
  7. Wait until finger poke test passes.
  8. Score. Put in oven (covered, with some steam). Wait 20min; bread should have risen properly.
  9. Take off cover. Wait 20min until crust is formed.
  10. Done!
Note last edited November 2023.