Sourdough bread


To prepare:

  1. Autolyse: Combine AP flour, whole-wheat flour, and water (350g). Cover and let it rest for ~2h.
  2. Add starter and salt. Combine. Let rest for ~15min.
  3. Fold, form boule, and cover.
  4. Until ready for shaping (2–6h, until properly risen): Do a fold every 20–20min.
  5. Flour banneton (with rice flour) and work area. Shape dough. Place in banneton and cover. Wait until finger poke test almost passes.
  6. Preheat oven (230°C).
  7. Wait until finger poke test passes.
  8. Score. Put in oven (covered, with some steam). Wait 20–25min until risen.
  9. Take off cover. Wait 25min until crust is formed.
  10. Done!
Note last edited December 2021.