This is the web site of Denis Defreyne, a software engineer living in Berlin.

For a good gaming session, set a goal

When I start playing a game, I often do so with the intention of enjoying it and relaxing, though a gaming session can quickly last for several hours without the intended relaxation as a result.

I found it good to set a goal beforehand, which gives me the sense of achievement once completed, and reduces the amount of game time.

Examples of good goals:

  • In Cities Skylines, get my city to the next population level.
  • In Cities Skylines, unlock a specific monument.
  • In Dark Souls III, defeat the next boss.
  • In Satisfactory, automate a certain part.
  • In Satisfactory, build a shopping mall.

Goals need to be specific (not “I want to have fun”) and timely (not “I want to finish the entire game”).

A time box is often useful. It can happen that the goal I set for myself is far more involved than I thought.

Goals can be re-evaluated and changed at any time.