Nanoc’s use of Ruby is not an appealing choice these days

Nanoc is written in Ruby and does not hide its Ruby roots:

These two points combined makes Nanoc not an appealing choice for people who do not want to manage a Ruby installation (with dependencies such as Bundler), and/or do not want to learn and maintain their knowledge of Ruby as a programming language.

Nanoc was written in Ruby’s heyday, and Nanoc’s initial release followed a little after Rails’ 1.0 release. The attention that Rails and Ruby got from the web development community made Ruby a great choice at the time.

Replacing Ruby with anything else is a ton of work (not just the rewrite but also providing a smooth migration path). Languages like Go and Rust might have been a good choice at the beginning of the development of Nanoc — if they had existed.

Note last edited November 2023.