How I organize my RSS feeds

Note last edited June 2022

I use NetNewsWire and am subscribed to a couple of dozen RSS feeds. I’m organizing them in the following folders:

  1. Me — These contain feeds for my own web site. This helps me debug issues with my own site, if they were to arise.

  2. Friends — Feeds of friends that I want to keep reading.

  3. Evaluating — Newly added feeds end up in here. After a while, they get migrated to one of the starred folders (see below) or deleted. (See also:Give up and put everything in purgatory.)

  4. ⭐️⭐️⭐️ — These feeds are high-quality, and any new article I will very likely read.

  5. ⭐️⭐️ — Good feeds, though not as high-quality or as relevant to me as the triple-star ones.

  6. ⭐️ — Feeds that I usually skim through to see whether there’s anything interesting. I’ll skip most of the articles in here, but I want to keep the feeds nonetheless because there is the occasional gem.

  7. Software — These contain feeds for software release notes and the like.

  8. NetNewsWire originals — These are the feeds that come with NetNewsWire by default.

Note last edited June 2022.