Weeknotes 2022 W16:

April 18​–​24, 2022
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My RSI is back with a vengeance. As an experiment, I am writing these week­notes by dictating everything. You’ll have to forgive the spelling and grammar mistakes, as I don’t intend to edit extensively.

The voice control functionality in macOS is pretty good. I am able to use my computer in a hands-free way. Using voice control sure has a learning curve, but at least it gives me a way to get some stuff done. For fun, I have added several custom voice commands, including the Star Trek-like “open a channel” and “on screen.” It is a little finicky, but I am happy to have it.

Let’s talk about gremlins!

Perhaps I need to accelerate the timeline for replacing my personal MacBook Pro.

A few weeks ago, my employer Shopify sent a parcel from Italy, but the parcel was shipped from Italy to the US first, and then from the US back to Europe. I thought this was ridiculous, but then I got another parcel from Shopify, sent from the US containing “made in Belgium” snacks. Logistics, right?

I am disappointed in what my employer posted on Twitter for Earth Day: see this tweet. Shopify is doing more and more with cryptocurrencies, and specifically the proof-of-work ones. Claiming that they’re “all for saving the planet” is greenwashing. Yikes.

Speaking of cryptocurrencies: People on Twitter have been dropping the .eth suffix from their Twitter names. Making your Ethereum Wallet address publicly known (via the .eth domain in the Ethereum name system) was maybe not a smart move: all transactions on the blockchain are public, so these people essentially published their financial history. Yikes for them.

More yikes: Binance’s Twitter swastika hastag. Introducing that branded hashtag on Hitler’s birthday is, at best, mind-bogglingly ignorant. But cryptocurrencies seem to be generally aligned with the far right: the Bored Ape Yacht Club logo cannot be a coincidence.


Blockchain stuff: