Weeknotes 2022 W21:
Short week

May 23​–​29, 2022
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This week was nicely short: Thursday was a public holiday, and I took Friday off as a bridge day along with it.

On Friday, I hung out with an old friend of my mom’s who was in town for the week. I hadn’t seen her in about 20 years, yet we instantly recognized each other. We spent two hours (I think — my brain can’t keep track of time well) in which I took out my best German, and I’m pleasantly surprised how well I can hold a conversation in German.

I’m a little surprised that I’ve still not caught COVID-19. (That’s a good thing, of course.)

Last week was my nine-year Berlin anniversary too! I forgot about that in my last week­notes. Berlin still feels like home. I’m happy here.

Gremlins: Just one this week.

Personal projects:

In terms of entertainment, not much has been happening lately.

I’m upgrading my gaming PC! I mentioned that in previous week­notes, but now I’ve actually ordered new components:

This gaming PC is 7 years old, and the only upgrade I’ve done lately is replacing the graphics card with a RTX 2070S. These should provide a significant upgrade to what I have right now, and I even came in under budget.