Weeknotes 2022 W31:
Air II

August 1​–​7, 2022
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I picked up my brand new M2 MacBook Air! I like it a lot: it’s light, very snappy, and very quiet. The Midnight color is dark and mysterious, just the way I like it.

Transferring all my data to the new laptop was easy, though somewhat time-consuming, with Migration Assistant. It worked nearly without a hitch (just the OS permissions had to be granted again, and some extensions had to be reinstalled). It’s very neat to stop working on one laptop and then resume on another laptop that feels just as home as the previous one.

The quietness of the MacBook Air means I finally have a way of doing voice recordings without the unbearable background fan noise.

I picked up the MacBook Air from new Apple Store on Rosenthaler Straße. This is the first time I’ve been there. It’s as generic and bland as all the other Apple Stores, though it is an improvement over the sad grey building that came before it.

My next purchase is likely going to be an iPhone, to replace the aging Android phone I currently use. As a Mac user, it makes so much more sense to have an iPhone instead, as it integrates much better into macOS than Android does.

This was the first week at my new employer, and it’s been interesting. Skipping the company offsite made onboarding rather difficult, as people generally weren’t reachable and the schedule turned fairly chaotic. The coming week should be better.

The work laptop is an Intel MacBook Pro, unfortunately. I had hoped not to use Intel laptops anymore. So often, the fans spin loudly and the laptop is painfully hot. I measured a surface temperature at 42.3℃, which is about when humans start to experience pain.

I have credit on the Shopify Shop app, but it is linked to my now-deactivated work email account, and the Shop app does not allow changing email address or transferring balance (in the form of a prepaid VISA card) between them. This is problematic, because I cannot order digital goods, as they get sent to my @shopify.com email address, which I no longer have access to.

Additionally, there is no way to tell how much balance there is still on there. This is annoying. Some larger payments with it have failed, at least. Still, it is money on which I already paid taxes, and the Shop app doesn’t allow splitting a payment across multiple cards, which means I’ll always end up with some credit left.

I resumed my bi-weekly grocery delivery from Etetepete, this time with the small box size rather than the regular box. The regular size was too much: even if I could get through it all in two weeks, it left me with little room for preparing food that didn’t use the ingredients from the box.



Blockchain tech is still garbage, and here is why: