Weeknotes 2022 W48:

November 28​–​December 4, 2022
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Berlin has been white, covered in snow. It’s pretty. But also cold, gray, and dark.

This week has been stressful, for reasons that I can’t (yet) talk about in more detail. That has taken up a significant amount of my time and energy. The week­notes this week will be a bit sparse because of that.

I’ve been struggling with physical paperwork, and have set aside some time to go through it all and bring some order to it.

I feel mostly clueless as how to physically file documents in a way that I can retrieve what I need quickly enough. I can Organize electronic archives by year well enough, but physical documents are a different beast entirely. At this point, I’m considering creating archives for 5-year periods, so 2021–2025 would be the one we’re in right now. Then, every five years I can go through old archives and trash whatever is no longer relevant by then. Minimum effort, maximum effect.

I’ve been off Twitter for a week or two now, and focusing on Mastodon as my Twitter alternative. (You should follow me at @denis@ruby.social.) It’s been great: no advertising, and no random content pushed to me by a capitalist algorithm.

And no crypto/web3/NFT spam either.

I pushed two Nanoc patch releases, fixing a couple of bugs.

After the 4.12.13 patch release, one more issue surfaced that needed a fix. It turns out that File.write doesn’t work when you want to write lots of data, and the fix is to use IO.copy_stream to write a string (wrapped in a StringIO) to a file opened for writing. This used to be not a problem, because Nanoc was using Ruby’s PStore, which presumably deals with large files properly under the hood.

I fixed that, and then realized that compressing the data in tmp/nanoc/ would be quite sensible, so I did that too. Ruby comes with so much useful stuff, and zlib is part of that.

In Week­notes 2022 W41: The Office, I wrote about the broken hard drive, which I’ve now replaced with a new one I bought. The new drive is used a backup drive, for both Time Machine and Arq Backup.

It’s still unclear what is broken about the old drive. Perhaps I’ll connect it to a non-macOS device so that I prevent the OS from mounting it as soon as it’s connected, and erase it so that I can use on macOS again. I’m fairly sure this is not a hardware error: I would’ve noticed a S.M.A.R.T. status change, and the drive is really not old anyway.

I gave denisdefreyne.com a new favicon. It’s prettier and cleaner. A bit more formal and serious too, which I think good.



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