Weeknotes 2022 W06:
Technical failure

Week of February 7 to 13, 2022
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Tech is failing me this week.

Alright — enough about tech.

slow breath in

slow breath out

Let’s talk tea and coffee! I broke my tea pot a while ago, but this week I also broke my coffee pot as well. I can still make single-mug coffee and tea at least.

Yeah. It’s that kind of week.

I’m making progress on the article on implementing equality in Ruby. I’ve gotten feedback from some Ruby peers and now my to-do list for it has grown even longer. The reading time estimate is at 30+ minutes, and I’ve not even finished drafting up all the content.

Interesting questions came up in conversations with coworkers on how to implement #hash properly. I might have to do some more research!

I’ve tried to pick up my budgeting app prototype, but the Sorbet problems that I’m facing are tough to fix. Most of the problems are related to RBI file generation, which is incompatible with Ruby 3.x. There was an open issue for it on GitHub (sorbet/sorbet#3851) but it got closed due to being stale and too vague.

I had trouble getting Tapioca to run as well, but maybe I was too low on energy to see it through. Another aspect which makes this annoying: Tapioca is a Shopify project, but I can barely see anything in the Tapioca Git repository without Shopify single-sign-on, which I don’t have on my personal laptop.

I finished the Red Dead Redemption 2 epilogue. It’s a good game.

Snowpiercer continues to be good and intense. I initially didn’t feel like watching this week’s episode, and randomly picked up the Roman Empire TV docudrama on Netflix, but about 10s in I heard Sean Bean’s narrator voice and figured that I, in fact, do want to watch Snowpiercer after all.

I’ve now watched all four seasons of The Sinner. It’s good, but I admittedly watched a little bit too much of it and it’s a little too intense to watch much in a single go.

Lastly, I started re-listening to all of The Magnus Archives. While I’m less of a fan of the later seasons, the first couple of seasons are still sublime. I didn’t think I could ever be a horror fan, until I picked up The Magnus Archives at Esther’s recommendation.

I’ve not done much for the Crafting Interpreters book club at work, except accidentally get strawberry on the book. Now the book looks bloody. It’s now got that The Magnus Archives vibe to it. It’s very dramatic.