Weeknotes 2023 W23:

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Quick bits:

I finished the first acting course (based on the Chekhov technique) this week. We all hung our for drinks afterwards, and it was so nice. It was the first time in a long time having drinks this late in the evening, but it was worth it.

For me, this particular class didn’t click so well for me for three reasons. Firstly, I’m now quite sure that the Chekhov technique doesn’t do it for me. Secondly, I felt the class went fairly slow, and I wanted something more intense. Thirdly, the class was deliberately set up to be a gentle introduction, but that means there was no proper challenge for me. I do have the other acting class going on as well still, and that one fits my needs better.

Unfortunately, my brain keeps telling me that I am terrible and will always be terrible at it — “why do I even try; what a waste of time” — despite there being quite some evidence that I am making progress: in one acting exercise, my scene partner said I really got to them, which means I stepped into character properly and I definitely consider that a success.

I’m longing to have exercises that I can do at home; at the moment, I’m so early in the learning process that there doesn’t seem to be too much to effectively do by myself. I want exercises because I want to move fast — faster than how I’m going now.

I started drafting a new short story. For this one, I’m doing proper outlining first, in the hope that I can get the skeleton of the story in shape so that I can focus on writing and not have to worry about where the story is headed.

I’m using iA Writer for the first time, and liking it. While previously I was using Byword, I find iA Writer useful because I can switch between multiple documents (the manuscript, the outline, a scratchpad, etc) quickly. I’m still using the trial, but I think I’ll buy it.

I planned to attend the local Shut Up & Write meetup group on Wednesday morning — I even took half a day off for it — but cancelled my attendance about two hours beforehand because I felt physically unwell. As soon as I had cancelled, I started feeling better. There certainly was something psychosomatic going on. I feel like an impostor when it comes to writing. The though of others looking at me while I’m writing really got to me. “I don’t belong here” was, in hindsight, a prominent thought that I could not get out of my mind.

This week, had a bit of a theme of decay:

Some work bits: