Weeknotes 2023 W03:
Review week

Week of January 16 to 22, 2023
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At work, it’s performance review week, and I have realized I am extremely good at procrastinating. On paper, it might look like it would only take maybe an hour to complete all the reviews assigned to me, but I must have spent hours and hours doing anything but writing performance reviews.

I don’t know why this happens. I genuinely have good intentions. I don’t even know what happened in those hours of not writing performance reviews. Those hours just… disappear. They’re gone. I have no memory of what happened. All I remember is that time passes instantly and I feel exhausted and thoroughly unsatisfied.

Perhaps I have invented a very strange, a very bad, and very useless one-directional time traveling method.

It is, of course, hilariously ironic that my own performance has hit an all-time low during performance week.

At work, I’ve shared some excerpts from a handbook for how to work together effectively:

Oh sorry, did I say working together effectively? I meant ineffectively — this is, after all, an excerpt from the CIA’s Simple Sabotage Field Manual. It’s from the 1940s, but I’ve worked at a company or two that seemed to use it a little too much as a guidebook.

Perhaps it is because we’re still at war with the nazis.

Also, the manual taught me a new word: Quisling.

I’ve had almost no time for any side project work this week. My emails are piling up. Help.

I planned to attend the Berlin Writers’ Stammtisch for the first time, but it was late in the day and the weather was cold and I was tired (etc), so I skipped.

I’m hoping that when the weather is better, I’ll manage to convince myself to go.

Justine nerd-sniped us into figuring out the shape created by the intersection of three perpendicular cylinders. It’s not a trivial shape, but we managed to get a good idea without looking it up on The Internet, and only when I got home I recreated the shape in Blender. Here’s what it looks like:

Blender crashed eight times while creating that, and it was around midnight, so that’s my excuse for it not looking any better.

I posted my latest article on dev.to. I think dev.to might be a decent place to post stuff so that it gains a bit of a wider audience outside of my personal web site. We’ll see!

Did Wikipedia get a slight redesign? Consider me a fan! The always-present table of contents looks great.

I’ve been buying a few books the last few weeks, and I’ve got opinions on everything but the content:

All this makes me appreciate good book design, and makes me realize how good book design is remarkably nontrivial.



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