Weeknotes 2023 W41:

October 9​–​15, 2023
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Quick bits:

My heart surgery went without a hitch. I returned home on Tuesday. I am doing well, and near the end of recovery. I’m following doctors’ orders and am holding off on doing exercise until mid coming week or so.

A significant part of the recovery time seems to be mentally processing what happened, and how lucky I got.

When I opened up the Fitbit app on my phone for the first time after surgery, I spotted a section called “Heart Settings,” but when I tried to open it, I got the error message “oops, something went wrong.” Ha.

I went back to work on Wednesday, the day after leaving the hospital. Maybe I could’ve gotten a few more sick days, but it is fine the way it is.

There is a new AI-based search tool at work, and the #1 example of how good it is, is that searching for the term “benefits” surfaces the page titled “Benefits.” AI technology really isn’t delivering, is it?

I skipped the final acting class on Wednesday as I didn’t quite feel recovered enough to participate. My attendance was spotless before that, and I imagine it must’ve been not so nice for my scene partner to have nobody to work with — I’m sorry!

In other bad news, the new eight-week intensive acting course that I signed up for is not going through due to lack of sign-ups. I’m so sad. I’ll need to figure out what else I want to be doing.