Weeknotes 2022 W36:

September 5​–​11, 2022
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This week, I’ve been having trouble sleeping. I keep the bedroom windows open (Fenster auf Kipp), and around 5 AM the noise begins to grow. Early on, it’s mostly the birds which already wake me up, and later the motorized traffic joins the noise and makes it hard to fall asleep again.

I’ve also been staying up later than usual. Because I like to get up fairly early (usually just after 8 AM, even on weekends), all of this adds up to, well, far too little sleep lately.

At least I’m staying up late because staying up late is fun!

Here’s a pet peeve of mine: people incorrectly abbreviating words, in a way that changes the meaning entirely. Two examples I’ve heard at work:

This isn’t a new problem. Back when the iPod and other MP3 players were popular, in Belgium people would abbreviate “MP3 player” to just “MP3,” which ended up being quite confusing when one claims to have thousands of MP3s. (That’s abbreviating “MP3 file” to “MP3,” which is probably not correct either.)

It’s not the biggest of problems. It does add some overhead to communication though, because words no longer mean what they used to mean, and you’ve got to do some second-guessing.

Speaking of communication issues: naming things is hard. At my employer, one particular product has four different names:

All those four names are different. This even confuses the team maintaining the product. I might have to point some people to my naming principles.

It’s got some Through the Looking Glass vibes:

Let’s talk entertainment!