Weeknotes 2022 W37:

Week of September 12th, 2022

I fell sick this week! On Wednesday evening, I felt a little uncomfortable, and on Thursday morning it became clear I had a proper stomach bug. It’s not quite clear where I got it from. I had to cancel a few plans, even though I was back to normal on Friday evening.

This is the first time I was properly sick since the start of the pandemic — ignoring the RSI troubles (see Weeknotes 2022 W14: RSI). I used to be sick far more often, so all in all I am quite happy with what my health is like. Moving out of my previous apartment — the one with the mould — probably helped a lot.

I did a COVID-19 test (the last test I still had left at home) but that one was clearly negative. Is there a chance I will never catch COVID-19, I wonder?

The small surgery I got a few weeks ago (see Weeknotes 2022 W34: Insomnia) has healed up nicely. The swelling has been gone for a while now. That was for an epidermoid cyst, by the way. Discretion is advised when looking that up.

I’ve switched companies so often the last few years that my wardrobe is slowly being replaced by company swag. Oh no.

I’ve been constructing the web site that lists all the vintage Apple hardware that’s still at my mom’s place. You can take a look at the preview version of the web site, which is about ⅓ complete. Putting it together has been a lot of work.

Do you know anyone who’d be interested in acquiring this vintage Apple hardware? If so, reach out me please.

For the web site, I’m using the recently-updated Gimlet Sans font from David Jonathan Ross. It’s quite pretty.



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