Weeknotes 2023 W43:
Business cards

October 23​–​29, 2023
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I publish the week­notes on Sunday morning usually, but this time it’s the late afternoon. Deal with it.

Quick bits:

I ordered my personal business cards. The design is mostly the same as what I showed last week (see Week­notes 2023 W42: Fear of failure). Here’s what they look like:

The headshot is a bit old by now, but it’s still very good, and I haven’t changed all that much anyway.

I don’t think I’ll use the business cards often, but it’ll be so useful to have a few with me all the time. Too often have I walked away from first-time meetings without being able to properly share contact details. No more!

I found a neat way to create QR codes with contact data:

> qrencode -t png -o mecard.png 'MECARD:N:Smith,John;TEL:+4915731111111;URL:https://example.com;EMAIL:hello@example.com;;'

That’s in MeCard format, which I somehow hadn’t heard of, and uses the qrencode tool, which I somehow hadn’t heard of either. Nifty!

The image that it spits out is something like this:

I wish I had known this before I ordered my business cards. It would have been so neat to have a QR code with contact details on there!

I’ve been fleshing out a new story, and actually making progress with it. This time though, I’m planning out the story in much more detail beforehand, and I haven’t gotten to the writing part yet — at least not the part where I am writing down the story itself.

I’m not entirely sure what the format of the story will be — it could be a screenplay for a short film, or just a short story. I keep going back and forth between the two. I might write both!

Rather than working on writing, I procrastinated and built a tool for generating properly formatted manuscript PDFs from Markdown files. Here’s what it spits out:

I don’t actually need this, mind you. Not yet, at least — there’ll likely be a point in the future where I will need it, and it brings me peace of mind to know that I can create a manuscript without having to any nasty copy-paste anything into Word or Pages or Google Docs.

Anyway, you can find this tool on GitHub.