Weeknotes 2023 W44:
COVID at last

October 30​–​November 5, 2023
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Blah. I caught COVID-19, finally, for the first time.

I was feeling a little funky on Wednesday evening, and on Thursday I fell proper sick. I slept for most of the day. Friday and Saturday were not much better. We’ll see how today goes. The fever is gone at least.

The worst symptom is the constant stabbing headache. This isn’t really a typical COVID symptom. The feeling of your head being electrocuted every 20–40s for several days straight is not at all fun, as you can imagine. I’ve had headaches like these before, but I’ll need to talk to my GP about it. My suspicion is that it’s occipital neuralgia, somehow triggered by COVID-19, but I’ll let the doctors figure it out for real soon.

I have attempted writing fiction this week — before I fell sick, that is — but to no avail. I’m stuck at outlining the story I’m working on, and I’m just not happy with the resolution.

Larger-scale plot structure is my nemesis. I’m good at writing sentences, and I’m good at joining them together into meaningful paragraphs. But beyond that, when it comes to larger structures, I can’t seem to get much good down on the page.

The books on story structure are generally useless, I find. I’m not sure what people get out of books like Story1 (1 —. Story: Substance, Structure, Style, and the Principles of Screenwriting. Methuen, 2014. ). They’re utterly, frustratingly impractical. Their huge flaw, as I see it, is that they confuse “if a story is good, it has structure” with “if a story has structure, it is good.”

Quick bits: