Weeknotes 2023 W45:
COVID recovery

November 6​–​12, 2023
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I’m recovering slowly but surely from COVID-19.

On Sunday, the persistent headache reached its peak. With the painkillers doing pretty much nothing and the pain closing in on unbearable1 (1 Have you played Cyberpunk 2077? Because I bet this is exactly what “Relic Malfunction” feels like. ), I ended up in the emergency room. By the time I was at the ER though, the headache had dissipated, and a few hours later went back home with the instruction to take an even stronger cocktail of painkillers. That took care of it. Whew.

On Monday, I used doktor.de to get an online video call with a doctor so I wouldn’t have to physically be in a doctor’s office — not a great idea when you’re COVID-positive. It took hours to get the video call, and then only got three days of sick leave (the maximum they’re allowed to give). Not great.

On Friday, I finally no longer tested positive.

For the past few days, I’ve had a putrid smell in my nose, rotten meat and rotten eggs, a smell sometimes so nauseating that I gag and feeling like throwing up. The primary trigger appears to be cold air, which makes going outside rather tricky, though wearing a mask alleviates the problem. Still, I cannot wait for this problem to go away.

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