Weeknotes 2022 W34:

August 22​–​28, 2022
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This week I’ve been plagued by insomnia. It’s partly due to the hot weather, and partly because my brain keeps chattering and won’t shut up. I’m not quite sure what’s going on.


I got a small surgery on Monday, to remove an epidermoid cyst. It’s in a spot on my back that was causing me some bother. I previously got it removed a few years ago, but clearly not properly, as it came back in full force. Hopefully, this time it stays gone!

I couldn’t use my bike for a couple of days after surgery. Not being able to get around quickly and easily made me feel disconnected from the world. My bike is magic.

I bought a Santoku knife. This one replaces my old IKEA chef knife, and that’s been quite overdue. I got the nicely-affordable Victorinox one.

This week I haven’t really had the energy to prepare food, but I did cut up raw vegetables with my new knife. I did so not because I needed to, but rather purely because I wanted to slice things up. This knife is fun. I can’t wait to use it more often. Slicey slicey!

Despite my lack of sleep, I feel like I’m doing good stuff at work. In particular, I’ve been working on a tool called dev, which is absolutely inspired by Shopify’s tool of the same name (refer to this article). It makes setting up development environments so much easier. This is how it works:

  1. You clone a Git repo
  2. You run dev up in it

Now you have all the dependencies installed, with the right versions, the right environment variables configured, and the right services (Postgres, Redis, …) running.

Then there’s dev serve, which starts the server, and dev test, which runs all the tests.

For all of this, no manual configuration needed. It all works out of the box, for all repositories at work. That’s the end goal, at least — it doesn’t quite work that way just yet.

The dev tool is so useful that I’d love to make it public. I would love to use for personal projects as well.

For the implementation of dev, I’ve taken inspiration from an old project of mine, released, which I sadly never got to a usable point. The ideas behind that project have been on my mind forever though, and it’s nice to put them to good use.