Weeknotes 2023 W27:

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I’ve taken the entire week as a holiday. Initially, my plan was to stay in the UK and travel around there, but that plan fell through because I couldn’t budget for it. So I’ve spent this week in Berlin, and it’s been nice.

The trip to Brighton and London wasn’t quite worth it. Most of my plans fell through, and I didn’t get to meet the people I planned on meeting. It happens. But attending a software conference after having come to the realization that I don’t really like software development anymore is… certainly odd. Combine that with the grief I was dealing with, and I can’t shake the feeling that it’d have been better for me to skip the trip entirely.

Quick bits:

It’s amusing/amazing how taking a break benefits my creativity. Five days of holidays, and my writing desk is covered in paper with half-finished drafts, odd ideas, random pieces of writing.

Welcome to Hell. Take a break in the Bawling Alley, designed by our Sketcher of Sorrow.

Most of my effort has been going into writing short stories, though I’ve also been dabbling in writing short plays/films as well. The latter feel like an unsurmountable challenge right now, because writing dialogue is hard.

I attended a (free) creative writing workshop earlier this week. That was nice, though likely not worth the 40-minute commute to do regularly. It gave me ideas for exercises that help me get over writer’s block, though. Later today I’ll attend another (free) creative writing workshop. I’m thinking of attending some of the larger, longer-term, paid workshops and courses.


I subscribed to Paramount+ so that I could watch the aforementioned new Star Trek: Strange New Worlds season. I took the opportunity to browse the Paramount+ film catalogue, and, oof, it is a mess: duplicate films and mislabeled films all over the place. Paramount, you need to get your shit together. I’ll probably not renew my subscription.

I find it interesting how I am becoming less and less interested in playing games. Taste in entertainment changes over time, I suppose.


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